What we do

What are the services you offer?
We offer custom woodwork, design expertise, and project management, including general contracting. Our NYC DCA home improvement contractor's license number is 2051209. For more information, see services.

Can I send a design from another company and have you quote it?
Yes, we would be happy to give you a comparative quote.

Can you remove my existing cabinets, closets, built-ins, or doors?

Do you do general contracting work (demolition, painting, plaster, tiling, glass, lights, electrical, plumbing)?
Yes. We can oversee the entire project so that you can have a single point of contact.

About us

Are you locally owned or a franchise?
Urban Homecraft is locally owned. The company was founded in New York City by George Evageliou in 2007. Read more about the story here.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. We have liability insurance, worker's compensation, and an NYC DCA home improvement contractor's license: 2051209.

Areas we serve

Which areas do you serve?
We serve the greater New York City area.


Is there a minimum project price? 
Yes. The minimum project price is $8,000. A project can consist of work in one or multiple areas of your home.

How much are custom cabinets?
Custom cabinets range from $500-$1500 per linear foot, depending on the complexity of the project, features, and materials chosen. For more information, see custom cabinet prices.


How long does installation take?
For a simple built-in, installation can be a day. A kitchen can take several days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. We make every effort to do most of the construction in the shop, to minimize the disruption to the home.

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Email: info@urbanhomecraft.com

Or call: (718) 722-1266.