"This cabinet project has been a game changer... I highly recommend."
-Maxwell Ryan, CEO & Founder of Apartment Therapy

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Space of the week: pop life


Kind words from clients...


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By: Eleanore, Upper West Side

I wish we had met George and his crew at Urban Homecraft before the renovation of our 2-bedroom UWS coop apartment. Our architect persuaded us to hire a cabinetry contractor whose poor design and shoddy workmanship left us with significant problems, including 2 Murphy beds that did not operate properly, misaligned cabinetry and significant construction defects. Thankfully, George agreed to take on the near-impossible task of correcting these problems. In addition, he designed and constructed a desk/shelf unit for an underutilized space. 

Urban Homecraft rebuilt 2 Murphy bed cabinets and installed high-quality hardware. George and his crew made sure that the beds operated smoothly and effortlessly. His installers made major improvements to the existing cabinetry. And I could not be more pleased with the new unit that they designed and built. 

George is a talented professional with the ability and imagination to make maximum use of small spaces. He spent a lot of time discussing our needs for the new unit, even measuring the items that we wanted to store in it. He uses the highest quality hardware and his workmanship is superb. His installers... are gifted craftsmen and were a pleasure to have in my home. 

I recommend Urban Homecraft without reservation.

This review can also be read on: Houzz.com

By: Peter and Linda, Upper East Side

My husband and I moved to the city several years ago from Atlanta. Our first home project was to redo a very small bathroom. Previously we had renovated four good size bathrooms and felt like we knew what we were doing. Wrong! The company that we contracted to do the work turned it into the renovation from hell. It is now the smallest, most expensive bathroom we’ve ever done! 

Our kitchen also needed renovation but after our bathroom experience, I was beginning to think I’d just learn to live with it until our son introduced us to George Evageliou. We needed a wall unit built for our living room. George came over and my husband and I were immediately impressed by the questions George asked. He was intent on knowing in exacting detail what we wanted and expected. He took notes, measurements and many pictures. George gave us a cost estimate and a time estimate. He delivered on both counts and we were delighted with the finished product. I was so happy that I remarked to the installers, “too bad ya’ll (I’m from Atlanta remember!) don’t do kitchens.” They then informed me that indeed they do “do” kitchens! 

Within five minutes of hearing this good news, I was on the phone to George and that was the beginning of as good a renovation experience we could ever have hoped for. George is meticulous and totally intent on preplanning. Because of his very careful and well thought out preparation, the job went extremely smoothly. The installers, were always on time, respected our home and worked with a confidence that reflected their expertise. They were a pleasure to have around. 

Our apartment is very small. Friends from Atlanta marvel that we can live in such a tiny space. But one thing that George is so good at is organizing and somehow creating space in ways I would never have thought of. He also designed and built a new desk for me in our bedroom. He anticipated my needs for the space and literally built it to fit my body! Because of our new kitchen and a new closet for my husband, which George also designed and built, we have an excess of storage. I am now more organized and uncluttered than ever. 

Thank you Urban Homecraft! 

This review can also be read on: Houzz.com

By: Barbara, Upper West Side

Nearly two years ago George and his team at Urban Homecraft built and installed custom floor to ceiling bookcases for our living room and a complete office with work area in a small alcove. We have contracted for custom work before, and, without hesitation, I can say that the product delivered by Urban Homecraft is up there with the best. We loved working with George, not only because he is a genuinely nice person, but because he listened carefully, made a real effort to problem solve where necessary and delivered high quality work on time and within the agreed upon budget.

We found George to be a terrific space planner as well as talented cabinetmaker who was able to advise on all aspects of the job from how to get the most storage out of a small space to which glides to use to ensure our extra deep drawers worked smoothly. Not only did we find him and his team to be great to work with, but received enthusiastic comments from others working on our job regarding how collaborative and cooperative they found George to be. I can't imagine going to anyone else for custom work.

This review can also be read on: Houzz.com

By: Jet, Chelsea

George Evageliou’s Urban Homecraft has done some major projects for us and, each time, exceeded expectations. It is a joy to live and work in the beautiful spaces George created for us. The range of work done for us by Urban Homecraft is as follows: a full renovation of the kitchen; installation of built-in wine storage; design and installation of a window seat/daybed with storage; installation of built-in desks, bookshelves, and cabinets in the study; and, installation of HVAC covers. His designs cleverly incorporated a built- in mini fridge, a pull out drawer for the printer, and innovative ways to hide a jumble of TV and computer cords.

George takes the time to understand the space and how the client lives in it, and most importantly, he listens. We went through many iterations of the drawings in a collaborative process as George addressed our needs. He fulfilled the “wish-list” of special features we wanted in the cabinetry. The craftsmen working for George are impressive. They brought George’s drawings to life with skill and efficiency. 

The projects undertaken by Urban Homecraft ran smoothly and seamlessly. We can’t believe we went through major renovations in our home with so little stress and anxiety. Although there were several players involved, we were spared the inevitable hassles because George directed everything -- from hiring a superb contractor for demolition, electrical etc., to coordinating with the granite/marble supplier, the appliance manufacturers and retailers, and even our Condo management. The work was completed on time and on budget. 

In addition to designing and crafting beautiful spaces , Urban Homecraft excels at making the client feel like their project is the most important one. Throughout, we felt we had George’s undivided attention. He promptly returned calls and emails and dealt with every challenge with zen like calm. 
In a nutshell, we are so spoiled by our experience that we cannot use an ordinary construction/design firm anymore.