Handcrafted, artisanal pieces

At Urban Homecraft, we combine the best of artisanal old-world woodworking techniques and modern day practices, to produce heirloom-quality furniture. All our pieces are made to the highest level of craftsmanship by our talented craftsmen in our Brooklyn studio.


Custom lectern for a special book

This walnut lectern was for a dictionary of sentimental value. The client had envisioned that the book would lay open, so the angle at which the book would sit was first measured before crafting the piece. The drawer was for the accompanying magnifying glass. 

The "anvil" table

Custom Wenge wood table

This piece is made of Wenge, a very durable wood that is naturally dark in color. It was crafted for a client who wanted a low table for eating (Japanese style, while sitting on the floor). The sides were curved to fit people seated at the table. The overall design was conceived as a complement to the client's existing Nakashima wooden rocking chair.

Compact walnut coffee table

Walnut bed and built-in nightstands

This walnut bed features a headboard and built-in nightstands, with wires tucked away behind built-in metal grommets. 


Mirrored dresser


This custom dresser with antiqued mirror surface was made with extra deep drawers for sweaters and blankets. The light blue vintage pulls (from Anthropologie) were chosen to match the window trim.