Custom solutions for kids' rooms and storage

Customize kids' rooms to have perfectly fitted beds, desks, shelving and storage. We specialize in design solutions that reduce clutter and optimize limited space. 


A sleigh bed with "his and hers" headboards

Custom bed with two headboards

This was a project for Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy. His daughter's room needed more storage, so we decided to build her a bed with plenty of storage capacity, as well as a wall of cabinets and bookshelves. 

We were originally going to put shelving at the foot of the bed, but at the last minute Maxwell decided that he would rather have a place to sit across from his daughter, so we designed a "sleigh bed" with sloped "his and hers" headboards at opposite ends of the bed. 

Custom wooden bed

The side of the bed had a removable mesh cover to accommodate the heating duct that needed to remain operational. 

More details of this bedroom renovation project are on the Apartment Therapy site, including before and after photos.

See the renovations of Maxwell's bedroom. More photos of this apartment can also be found in a 2014 New York Magazine article.


Creating a room for the new baby

This couple's bedroom was larger than it needed to be, and a baby was on the way, so we divided up the room to create a space for the nursery. 


They had originally asked about building a wall to divide the space, but we suggested making the cabinetry serve as the wall, with a pocket door to adjoin the two spaces; this would save space. 

We also needed air to flow from one room to the other, but wanted soundproofing, so we used a system of baffles that let air flow, but caught sound. The baby arrived a month after everything was complete.


Built-ins and baby changing station


This built-in has shelving and cabinets for all of baby's things, plus a baby-changing station.