Park Slope

Built-in window seat and cabinets

These built-in cabinets and window seat are at different depths in order to bring them to a single plane, perfectly fitted to its surroundings. It also allows for a pipe to go through it, and covers a heating unit.

The bench top is removable and serves as extra storage. The window seat also covers a heating unit, with vents for circulation.



Built-in daybed with a view of the garden


A built-in daybed for a mezzanine home office, with drawers underneath for storage. The daybed matched the custom wall shelves and desk (all made of maple).



Custom window bench

Custom built-in window bench

This window seat overlooking a picturesque street in Brooklyn was incorporated into built-in bookshelves and drawers.


PARK SLOPE, brooklyn

Walnut cabinets and window seat

Unstained walnut built-in bookshelves and drawers were used to create a window bench area in this living room. A section of this built-in had curved shelves for frames and sculptures. The client did not want any knobs or handles on the drawers, so the pulls were carved into the wood.


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