Urban Homecraft creates radiator and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit enclosures that go beyond simple covers. Your custom cover is tailored to the style and decor of your space, and fitted around your specific unit. We incorporate enclosures behind doors, cabinets, and other surfaces that blend into your space, and many material options are available.

Custom radiator covers

Mesh radiator cover.
The radiator cover, close-up.

The radiator cover, close-up.

This lightly industrial aluminum mesh radiator cover has a wooden frame on magnets that pops off easily, for convenient access to the radiator. 

A custom radiator cover seamlessly incorporated into built-ins.

A custom radiator cover seamlessly incorporated into built-ins.



Custom HVAC unit covers

Custom HVAC cover for a bedroom

We concealed the unsightly HVAC units for this apartment with custom covers that had a hinged section (miniature hatch doors) that opened up for making temperature adjustments. The front was on ball catches and popped off easily for servicing. 

HVAC covers, seamless with built-ins

The HVAC covers here blend with the traditional custom-made cabinets. The panel doors in front of the HVAC are made to look like a continuation of the cabinets. 


HVAC cover with built-ins

The HVAC cover here blends in with the built-ins for wine storage.