Custom wall shelves with built-in lights

Halogen lights underneath the shelves

The first of many projects for this home, these shelves were for the mezzanine office of a penthouse duplex. They had built-in halogen lighting to illuminate desks underneath, and were made of maple.

The shelves had lower setback shelving for objects that would otherwise clutter the desktop. The upper portion of one of the shelves was notched around a soffit.


Heavy, with the illusion of lightness

This was one of several ongoing projects for a couple in Park Slope; it was the brain child of the husband who sat down with us to design on location (the mezzanine of a duplex). We placed two chairs facing the blank wall that this unit would hang on, and rendered the design on a laptop while he described his idea.  

This piece has a false back- the visible back of the piece, which is painted the same color as the wall, covers up the support bracing that is attached to the concrete behind the sheet rock of the wall. Overall it gave the illusion that this (heavy) piece was light. The matching storage piece in front of the wall unit, for holding items like cushions for the roof deck, was also part of the project.